Gobernadora / Larrea tridentata

Gobernadora / Larrea tridentata

This plant should not be eaten as food, but it is a very powerful medicinal plant and tastes very bitter. A very small amount of a diluted stem stops diarrhea or fever if sick. To use this plant as a medicine, make a tea by taking three very small leaves of the plant and steeping them in hot water for just one minute, then immediately remove the leaves and drink slowly to help treat a kidney infection or stop diarrhea. When used externally on the body, the crushed leaves or tea can serve as a potent antifungal on feet or nails and as an antibacterial for cuts and scrapes. If the plant is crushed into a paste and applied to the skin it will also be an amazing insect repellant. Again, make sure you don’t eat this plant for food, as it is a very powerful medicine.

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