Bring your guide to cross

Bring your guide to cross

“Lleve su guía para cruzar”
Juarez, Mexico

On the border before the COVID19 contingency, a large part of the population crossed every day to study, work, visit a relative or make purchases, this activity is well known by the border community -Juarez/El Paso-, including by the “migras” who are checking the documents of those crossing from Mexico to the United States. Now with the restrictions due to the contingency, only U.S. citizens cross.

Illegal transnational labor, crossing to work with a b1/b2 tourist visa for Mexican citizens was very common. During the crossing the migra is obligated to ask you a series of standardized questions in order to give you a pass to the twin city. You should never say that you work or intend to work in the United States, as this would be punishable by a sanction such as having your visa revoked and no longer being able to cross.

In this action I make visible the standardized questions and answers on t-shirts so that – when the border opens – any Mexican citizen with a b1/b2 visa can successfully cross to work.

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