Center for Integral Attention to Migrants - CAIM

Center for Integral Attention to Migrants - CAIM

The Center for Integral Attention to Migrants is an initiative that was gestated with the Chihuahua government in charge of Javier Corral with the help of human rights and migrant support organizations, especially with the active participation of Derechos Humanos Integrales en Acción and the legal association HIAS.

The center began working since November 22, 2018, but was inaugurated until February 2019 under a model of comprehensive care that brings together several public and private initiatives. The project was developed from the frequent deportations that take place on a daily basis either by the Migrant Protection Protocol (MPP) or by Title 42.

The facilities where the CAIM is currently located were built in the former revenue collection offices, now known as the “Somos Mexicanos” Administrative Unit, next to the health center of the same name and just a few steps from the Paso del Norte International Bridge, giving greater visibility to the importance of the site.

It is indicated that the CAIM considers in its tasks a multiple attention to help migrants in terms of the needs that they require when they are repatriated, for example, help to look for work in Ciudad Juarez, advice with international tours; psychological and physical health care, among others.

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