Rezizte Bakery

Rezizte Bakery

The bakery rescues the tradition of their grandparents and offers a space dedicated to urban art. The idea is to highlight the symbols of Juarense identity as a border city. They conceive the elaboration of bread hand in hand with migration, because it is a circular of recipes and dynamic elaboration.

Yorch, one of the most recognized artists in Ciudad Juarez, is part of the Rezizte Collective, formed in 2003, which brings together a large number of urban artists in the city. The collective’s work focuses on border identities and resistance to the socio-political problems of the region.

The bakery functions as an art gallery and has promoted projects with several artists to present their work and to intervene publicly in the surrounding area. Since the bakery opened, it has become an important socio-cultural reference point, serving as a meeting place not only for locals, but also for visitors seeking a better understanding of the artistic dynamics of the city.

The Rezizte Bakery has shown solidarity with the migrant community through donations, the creation of murals in support of migrants, and by being a safe center for anyone from the border community.

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