Diente de león / Taraxacum officinale

Diente de león / Taraxacum officinale

All parts of this incredibly common herb are edible. Dandelion is very rich in vitamins A, E, C and B complex, iron, trace elements and protein. The leaves of this plant make good salads when they are tender, before they turn into old and
become old and bitter leaves.

A diuretic tea can be made from the leaves and roots. Care should be taken not to confuse it with other plants of similar appearance, remembering that the dandelion dandelion has no stems or branches branches from which its leaves grow. leaves.

If you are allergic to latex you should be careful when touching the slime of the plant, as sometimes people sometimes people have allergic reactions to it. allergic reactions to it. You can check if it bothers you by by rubbing some of the milk of the milk slime on your wrist and wrist and waiting to see if your skin starts to itch or turn red. start to itch or turn red.

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