Mesquite / Prosopis

Mesquite / Prosopis Mesquite / Prosopis

The mesquite is one of the most common trees in the Chihuahuan desert, it grows between 3 and 5 meters high and loses its small leaves in winter. All parts of the plant are edible except the wood and bark. When the ripe beans sound free inside the pod they can be ground to make hot or cold drinks, cakes and breads. If the pods are eaten raw, be sure to spit the raw beans into the pods.

Mesquite beans are very good for people with type 2 diabetes because they are high in fructose but not sugar and have a low glycemic index and also aid digestion.

There are many different plants that produce beans but desert beans are often extremely dangerous so identify it by being careful to check that the spines of the mesquite tree are straight and that the long straight pods do not open on their own. In addition to eating the cooked beans, a disinfectant tea or wash can be made by boiling the wood, bark, leaves or pods. The tea can be drunk or used to wash injured skin.

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