Yucca / Yucca

Yucca / Yucca Yucca / Yucca

Desert yuccas have very sharp, dagger-shaped leaves and can grow up to 20 feet tall. It is a very different plant from the so-called yucca or cassava. Yucca leaves have no teeth along the margins, only a sharp tip. All yucca flowers are edible raw or cooked, regardless of the species. regardless of the species. Not all species of yucca species do not have fruits, and those that do should only be eaten if they are plump when they are harvested and roasted over a fire. The leaves and the outer part of the root can be ground to make soap. The The inner part of the root, which is difficult to reach, has starch like a potato. starchy, like a potato, and is edible, provided it is roasted and is edible, provided that it is roasted or cooked cooked well beforehand.

Yuccas have excellent fibers, so that a mat can be can be made into a mat to place on the to place on the floor if needed, or even to weave a blanket or even weave a blanket or clothing. In the desert can get very cold at night and insulating night and insulating yourself from the ground can make a big can make a big difference in keeping you from freezing.

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